40 Minute Consultation

40 Minute Consultation

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During this 40-minute one-on-one consultation, Brian will help you with your most pressing concerns, which could be anything from:

Brows to lips to eyes to cheeks to foundation to concealer to skincare and finally, to  Brian #1 expertise; how to apply it all.

Brian will teach and consult you on how to make you look and feel your best!  

What You Need

  • Mirror, 2-sided is best, normal plus magnification
  • Good lighting - sit in an area where there's a lot of natural light coming onto your face. Preferably no windows behind you or bright lighting behind or directly overhead. A "Ring Light" works just as well. 
  • Clean, make-up free face
  • Pad of paper and/or face chart to write notes 
  • Cotton swabs, cotton pads and makeup remover
  • Foundation and/or concealer
  • Makeup Set/Kit and other Brian + MW products

For best results purchase one of Brian's Makeover Sets which aligns with what you want to learn.  The 5-Minute Face Complete Set will cover it all.

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