Virtual Master Makeup Group Workshop | 4 Person Minimum

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During this 2-hour, virtual workshop, Pro-Makeup Expert, Brian Haugen, will address your most pressing concerns about:

Brows, Lips, Eyes, Cheeks, Foundation, Skin tone & Skincare

Brian demonstrates techniques using participants from the group, answers your questions and teaches his Pro-Techniques, which will revolutionize your makeup routine.

You'll learn the hands-on approach from Brian as he "puts the brush in your hands" with his expert, time-tested, professional techniques. You will not be disappointed and you will look and feel your best! 

In-Person consultations/lessons and makeup application are also available at:

Brian's studio, in your own home, hotel room, on-set or any other location on request. Special rates apply.

What You Need

  • Clean, make-up free face
  • Questions

For best results schedule a Virtual 10 minute Makeup One-on-One Consultation with Brian for him to suggest the ideal skincare, makeup and tools for your Master Class.

Chat with Brian in box below for private parties, weddings, Zoom meetings or any other event that requires larger numbers.
Disclosure: If less than 4 people register for this virtual group class, then this class will be cancelled. If three people sign up the cost per person will increase to $145/person. If two people sign up the price per person will increase to $158/person and for the single person the price will increase to $166.00.

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